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The Effect of Private Health Insurance Coverage on Health Services Utilisation in New Zealand

Prepared by Linda J. Blumberg, July 2006

About the author

Linda Blumberg is a Health Economist and Senior Fellow at the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center in Washington, DC. She is an expert on private health insurance, health care financing, and health system reform, and frequently testifies before Congress on these topics. Her most recent work includes an array of analyses of the components of national health reform proposals in the US. In 1993 and 1994 she was an advisor to the Clinton Administration during its initial health care reform effort. During Linda's Ian Axford Fellowship exchange to New Zealand she was based at Victoria University of Wellington's Health Services Research Centre and the Ministry of Health in Wellington, where she researched the interactions between public and private health insurance coverage, specifically the impact of private health insurance on the use of publicly financed services.

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