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Trade Recovery: Laying the Groundwork for the Establishment of a New Zealand-United States Action Plan for Application in the Event of a Serious Trade Disruption

Prepared by Louritha Green, August 2010

About the author

Louritha (Lou) Green is an International Trade Liaison for US Customs and Border Protection in Washington, DC. Lou also spent five years as an attorney in the agency's Office of Chief Counsel. Her areas of expertise include international negotiations, supply chain security, and trade recovery. Lou is a native of Mineral Springs Arkansas and received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arkansas in 1994. She also holds a Maser in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Juris Doctor from Tulane University Law School. During Lou's Ian Axford Fellowship exchange to New Zealand she was based at the New Zealand Customs Service in Wellington, where she researched establishment of a New Zealand-United States joint action plan for recovery from serious trade disruptions.

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