Policy reports

Building Bridges to Protect Health: Enhanced Partnerships among Animal, Human, and Ecosystem Health Sectors in New Zealand

Prepared by Hillery Harvey, August 2010

About the author

Hillery Harvey is Special Assistant to the Director of the National Institute of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland. Hillery specialises in issues related to emerging infectious diseases and public health policy, with recent focus on seasonal and pandemic influenza preparedness and response. Hillery earned her PhD in microbiology in 2000, after which she worked for several years at a major vaccine company. Her work in infectious diseases sparked a personal interest in the interdependence of animals, humans and the environment and the inherent links among the health of all three. During Hillery's Ian Axford Fellowship exchange to New Zealand she was based at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Wellington, where she researched how the global One Health initiative - an international paradigm that recognises the relatedness of human, animal, and environmental health - might improve prevention and response to communicable diseases and ecosystem threats in New Zealand and the United States. Hillery passed away on 26 July 2016.

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