Policy reports

Changing Skills for a Changing World: Recommendations for Adult Literacy Policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Prepared by Alice H. Johnson, October 2000

About the author

Alice Johnson Cain is Vice President for Policy at Teach Plus. Alice previously served as Education Director for the Hope Street Group in Washington, DC. Before joining Hope Street Group, Alice was the chief advisor for K-12 education for Chairman George Miller of the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor. In addition to advising Chairman Miller, Alice served as a resource on education policy to the Democratic Members of Congress serving on the Education and Labor Committee and their staff members. Alice has 20 years of experience in education policy, including work at the Children’s Defense Fund, US Department of Education, US Senate, and as a detailee to Vice President Al Gore’s office. She has a degree in political science from Gettysburg College and attended Georgetown University for work towards a master’s in public policy. During Alice's Ian Axford Fellowship exchange to New Zealand she was based at the Ministry of Education in Wellington, where she researched adult literacy in policy and practice, culminating in recommendations for a national adult literacy strategy and for integrating literacy into major public policy initiatives.

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