Policy reports

Disaster Preparedness Education in Schools: Recommendations for New Zealand and the United States

Prepared by Victoria A. Johnson, MSc, August 2011

About the author

Victoria Johnson is the Co-founder of ProFellow.com, a website which provides advice and information on fellowships. Victoria has over 10 years experience in the field of emergency management and policy, beginnning with her first job at the New York City Office of Emergency Management during the 9/11 response and recovery operation. Prior to her Axford Fellowship exchange to New Zealand Victoria was the Policy Director of the National Commission on Children and Disasters in Washington, DC which submitted its final report to President Obama and Congress in October 2010. During Victoria's Ian Axford Fellowship she was based at the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management in Wellington, where she researched the implementation of "What's the Plan, Stan?" a national resource for disaster preparedness education in New Zealand schools.

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