Policy reports

Priming the Pump: Access to Capital and Capacity to House New Zealanders

Prepared by Jeff Mosley, August 2018

About the author

Jeff Mosley directed HAC’s Training and Technical Assistance Division with the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) in Washington, D.C., where he trained and provided technical assistance to rural and Native American communities seeking to develop affordable housing and strengthen their internal capacity. Prior to his work at HAC Jeff served as a Senior Program Director with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) National Rural Program.  While at LISC he provided technical assistance and underwrote financing and funding requests for affordable housing projects, including post-natural disaster community development rebuilding efforts. He previously served as a Research Associate at the Urban Institute conducting research and evaluations of U.S. federal programs.   Jeff received his Master of Science in Urban Affairs and Policy Analysis (1990) at the New School University and his Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies and Political Science (1984) from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. During Jeff’s Ian Axford Fellowship in New Zealand he was based at the Ministry of Social Development and at Community Housing Aotearoa.  He researched the economic and policy environment for accessing financial capital to address the systemic housing crisis, focused on opportunities for public-private partnerships to increase the scale of housing development.  Jeff also studied capacity building efforts and programs for strategies that would expand the development role of community housing providers.

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